Gallery visit
    Purpose:  To encourage students to support our local art community, to view current "happenings" & trends in art, to make mature statements about what they are viewing and to make connections to their own work.
       Drawing & Painting I:  Extra Credit
       Drawing & Painting II:  1 visit per marking period

    Gallery Visit Protocol

    **Try to view a one artist show.  (See Me for examples)

    **Assume one of the “Roles” listed below while viewing the show…take notes accordingly.

    **You may have to do a bit of research on the format you are to work with according to the role you assumed.  (For example:  Investigate sample blog formats, how they are written and what they include.)

    **Create a stunning presentation accordingly!

    1. Assume the Role of one of the following:  The artist, A Newspaper Reporter, or An Art Blog Writer
    2. Consider the Audience…who is reading this?
    3. Consider the FormatArtist Statement, Newspaper Article, Blog Entry
    4. Topic…what are you writing about?  (The art show you are viewing)
    **Students are to show proof of the gallery visit (business card, pamphlet...) and write a written statement about the visit. 
    Suggested Galleries in the Harrisburg Area:  (Check out "3rd in the Burg" (www.thirdintheburg.org)  for new opening receptions and links to local galleries and their hours)
Last Modified on January 22, 2015