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    US History II
    Mullticultural History
    African-American History I and II
    Critical Media Literacy
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    We The People
  • Welcome to Mr. Chyr's U.S. History page. The US History curriculum will cover the late 1800s to the Present. 

    Progressive Era- Chapters 10-11

    World War I - Chapter 12

    1920s - Chapters 13-14

    The Great Depression - Chapters 15-16

    World War II - Chapters 17-18

     Mid-Term Exam

    Post WW II Era- Chapters 19-20

    Cold War and Vietnam Policies - Chapters 22,24

    Era of Activism - Chapters 21,23

    Modern Issues - Chapters 25-27

     Final Exam

  • American Government & Citizenshp Curriculum Map

    Study of Government (20 Days)

    * Forms and Functions of Government, Theories of Governmetn, 6 Principles of the Consitution: Chapters 1,2

    * Comparative Economic Systems * Chapter 23

    The Constitution (20 Days)

    The Constitution, 27 Amendments, Federalism- Chapters 3-4

    Political Process (15 Days)

    *Political Beliefs, Political Parties, Political Behaviors- Chapters 5-6

    Electoral Process (15 Days)

    * Campaigns, Elections, Mass Media, Interest Groups, Election Case Law: Chapters 7-9

    Civil Liberties and Civil Rights(15 Days) 

    *Bill of Rights, 1st vs 4th Amendment Issues, Due Process & Incorporation, Civil Liberties Case Law, Civil Rights Case Law Chapters 19-21

     Midterm Evaluations

    Legislative Branch (15 Days)

    * Congress, Congressional Powers, Lawmaking - Chapters 10,11,12

    Executive Branch (15 Days)

    * The Presidency, Presidential Powers, Bureacracy Chapters 13, 14, 15, 17

    Judicial Branch (15 Days)

    * The Courts, Court Powerss, Supreme Court, Judicial Case Law: Chapter 18

    Public Policy (20 Days)

    * Entitlements & Insurance, Fiscal Policy, Monetary Policy, Domestic Policy, Foreign Policy, Policy Case Law Chapter 16, 17

    State and Local Government (20 Days)

    * Governing the States: PA Constitution & Government Agencies, PA State & Local Officials, PA Case Law 

    * Local and State Policies: Chapters 24-25

    Final Evaluations (5 Days)