• At Swatara Middle School, we aim to empower our students to be change-makers for the future, role models for their brothers and sisters, and respectful, responsible, and safe global citizens.
     Swatara Panther
     Grade 6
    The Blue Revolution
    "Working together with our creative minds our individual strengths will bring about positive change."
    The Green Elite
    "To create a collective group of world class students and educators who exercise the major share of authority and is committed to influencing the larger group in the learning environment to achieve high academic success now and in the future."
    Grade 7
     The Orange Vanguard
    "To develop a culture that encourages ownership of learning and education through positive leadership."
    The Red Phoenix
     "Our team will seek to rise and achieve success no matter the challenge presented before us.  Seeking to identify each member's uniquely remarkable abilities and characteristics, team Phoenix will build on the freshness of youth to achieve our goals."
    Grade 8
     The Gold Standard
    "To empower students to become lifelong learners by instilling a common sense of purpose through a meaningful, safe, and fun learning environment."
    The Purple Innovators
    "To guide students to develop a mature and innovative mind set in order to lead their generation to greatness by making positive contributions to our Swatara family and today's society while leading each other to academic and behavioral successes."
     Guidance Office and Nurse's Office
     Team Vitality
    "We combine various helping professions to nurture students and staff to reach their capacity for achieving a meaningful and purposeful existence." 
     Health and PE
    Wellness Warriors
    "Nothing works unless you do."
     Library, Data and Instruction, and ISS
     Team Encourage
    "To create an environment that encourages and supports students and teachers to set positive goals, reach high academic achievement, use research skills, and promote positive behavior ."
     Learning Support
    Team Marathon
     "Our goal is to promote growth and independence by supporting students to develop their talents and strengths and to foster confidence for them to be able to overcome challenges and to take risks."
    Team Radiant 
    "To act as a guiding light to provide students opportunities to shine in our classrooms as well as all disciplines.  We want our students to illuminate their communities and world with confidence in their abilities and talents."
     Team Vishnu (the Preserver)
    "To provide a rich environment that bridges cultures, brings students together despite our difference and allows for compassionate learning experiences." 
    Creative Arts
     Team Imagine
     "To create a culture that fosters creativity through technological and aesthetic experiences."
     Main Office
    Team Tenacity
    "To create a positive thinking culture that energizes students and teachers academically and personally while promoting purpose, accountability, and a vested state of mind."