Ms. Morton

    Welcome to 6th Grade!

     Swatara Middle School






    I am pleased to be part of the 6th grade team at Swatara Middle School. I have been an educator for the last 23 years and enjoy teaching mathematics. I am a proud parent to four sons, all who have successfully moved through the middle school grades here at Swatara.

    There are many ideas and concepts that will be reinforced from previous years in mathematics as well as many that will be new to your child this school year. I am excited about taking this journey with your child and helping to make this a successful school year.

    In math class, we will cover 5 units of study: Ratios and Proportional Relationships, The Number System, Expressions and Equations, Geometry, and Statistical Measures. We will incorporate technology into these units and the students will establish a digital citizenship.
    Math students will be using a blended learning model. They will use the app, CANVAS, to do this. 




    Canvas                                         Quizizz                                                     Clever

      Kahoot                                         Prodigy                                                    Gimkit

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  •  You can now connect to the online textbook through clever:

     Use the link below to sign in to Clever to access. 




  • Mathematicians use journals to record data, make drawings, ask questions, and much more. Students are required to keep and maintain an organized notebook.  It is important that students learn proper organization skills. This will help them to easily access information.


  • While students will be available for students during class. They are a great investment as students will learn to use them during class. There are calculators available for purchase in the office, but you can also purchase a calculator using this link.  

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