• READ AT HOME! books

    Students should read at home on a daily basis.  New PA state standards require students to participate in a wide range of reading.  In order to ensure that students are doing enough home reading, the Central Dauphin School District is implementing the RAH RAH (Read at Home) plan to encourage and support home reading.  Numerous research studies have shown that students who read more books read better.  They develop more expansive vocabularies and achieve higher levels of reading and writing development.
    Every month students will receive a calendar to record the amount of minutes read at home.  Each grade level has a set of reading goals established:
     Grade  Goal
     Kindergarten-1st grade  50 + minutes a week
     2nd-3rd grade  75+ minutes a week
     4th-5th grade   100 + minutes a week
    Below find a link to the monthly RAH RAH calendar
    Below find the link to the parent RAH RAH letter