Music Notes    Practice Suggestions   Music Notes
    1) Create a Practice Routine
         *Make sure that your child practices at the same time every day.
         *Remind your child that it is time to practice.
         *Set an expectation for the number of days that your child will practice each week.  Four days is recommended.
         *Set an expectation for the number of minutes that your child will practice each day.  This varies by age, so please contact Mrs. Thompson if you'd like more information.
          *Be sure to complete the weekly practice chart!

    2) Practice Location
         *Practice in the same location every day.  
         *Make sure your practice location is free from distractions - no TV, iPod, or video games!
         *Choose a location where your child will not disturb the rest of the family.  
         *Make sure that other family members do not interrupt when your child is practicing!
    3) Items Needed for Practicing
         *Music Folder
         *Music Stand

    4) Motivate Your Child to Practice!
         *Reward your child!
         *Ask your child to perform a song for you.
         *Ask your child to perform for another family member.
         *Praise your child's effort or performance.
         *Take your child to see a live band or orchestra performance.  There are many options!  You can take your child to see concerts at the local middle school or high school.  There are also local adult bands and orchestras, including the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra, the Hershey Symphony Orchestra, the New Holland Band, and the Ringgold Band.
         *Watch bands and orchestras on television.
         *Search for bands, orchestras, or soloists on the internet.

Last Modified on August 15, 2019