• Physical Education grading


    Below is the approved P.E. grading policy for the Elementary students in grades 3-5, throughout the Central Dauphin School District.   If a student is absent, their grade is not affected since the grade is based on their percentage of total points possible.  Grades will be posted about every 6 weeks or when a unit is completed, if a student has a medical excuse for that unit,(ie. broken arm), it will show as an “EM” & that does not affect their grade.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at sducomb@cdschools.org

    The grade is determined by 3 categories:

    A. Active participation = 100 points

    >sneakers & appropriate attire (2.75 points/class)

    >demonstrates effort throughout the lesson (2.75 points/class)


    B.    Responsible behavior = 100 points

    >demonstrates positive attitude, cooperation, sportsmanship, &

    self-control (2.75 points/class)

    >follows directions the first time they are given (2.75 points/class)


    *the point system is based on 18 classes per semester  18 x 2.75 = 49.5 & will be adjusted for the number of actual classes.


    C.    Skill tests/evaluations = 100 points

    >minimum of 3 skill tests will be given per semester

    >written assessment is optional


      Letter grades will be determined as follows:

              A = 90 - 100%

              B = 80 - 89%

              C = 70 - 79%

              D = 60 - 69%

    F = 59% and below


    *semester equals two marking periods