• National Honor Society Application Information

    The National Honor Society [NHS] is a prestigious organization with a long history at Central Dauphin High School. The students in the group participate in community and school service activities.  The group is open only to those students who are accepted for induction by a panel of faculty from the school. These students must exemplify the values of scholastic achievement, good character, community service and leadership.  The procedure for selection is detailed below.

    1.       Sophomore, Junior or Senior students with a 93% or higher cumulative GPA after the first marking period will receive an invitation to apply to NHS. 

    2.       Students will need to complete a form about their school and community activities, awards and leadership positions.  Any activities students participate in for an average of five hours or more per week during a given season will be worth two points.  Any other activities will be worth one point.  Leadership positions and awards are generally awarded two points.  Each student’s activities will be totaled.  This total is not the only measure students are judged on.  It simply gives the faculty council a somewhat more objective measure to use in their decision making. 

    3.       Students will also need to write a short essay as part of their applications. This essay is a great place to clarify any information that may be confusing in their applications. 

    4.       All submitted materials, including the application and the essay, will be examined carefully by the faculty council.  The faculty members will use the student’s numeric total, activity list and essay to determine which applicants will be selected for membership.  Any discipline referrals or incidents of academic dishonesty will be considered very strongly when selecting applicants. 

    5.       Students will receive a letter telling them whether or not they have been accepted.

    6.       Accepted students will be asked to attend an induction ceremony in late April or early May. 


    Any students who have questions or need assistance in completing their application should see Mr. Pollock in room 273.  They can also send an email to gpollock@cdschools.org.  There will be a help session for students after school when they can ask questions.  Good luck!

Last Modified on April 22, 2022