• Internet Safety Curriculum 

    Central Dauphin School District - Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying Plan K-12

    Central Dauphin School District is committed to assist students in grades K-12 develop awareness and demonstrate responsible choices while using online computer  programs.  Lessons presented to students will include the topics of appropriate online behavior, internet safety issues, online etiquette and bullying prevention, responsible use of social networking through building­ wide presentations and/or classroom lessons.  The scope and sequence of the district's Cyber Safety/Cyber Bullying program appears below.

    This program's goals are to

    • teach students personal and internet safety strategies
    • raise students' and parents'  awareness of what the many forms of cyber bullying can take and why it is harmful
    • equip students with the skills and resources to treat each other and themselves respectfully when using cyber technologies
    • inform students on how to get help if they or others they know are being cyber bullied
    • teach students how to use cyber technologies, including social media, in positive ways
    Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying Curriculum

    Grades K, 1 & 2 - Awareness of/Introduction to Cyber Community  and Cyber Citizenship

    Grades 3 & 4 - Recognizing/Reinforcing Cyber Citizenship and Cyber Safety

    Grade 5 - Demonstrating Cyber Citizenship and Understanding Social Networking 

    Grade 6- Introduction to Personal Safety and Social Networking

    Grade 7- Recognizing Cyber Bullying and Predator Identification

    Grade 8 - Awareness of Sexting and Internet Safety

    Grade 9 - Understanding Appropriate Online Behavior and Personal Safety

    Grade 10 - Recognizing and Reacting to Cyber Bullying/Harassment

    Grade 11 - Reinforcing Internet Safety
    Grade 12 - Reinforcing Internet Safety and Discussing Sexting and Healthy Relationships