•  Meet the Information Technology Staff



    Matthew P. Sinopoli, Director of Information Technology

    Ryan Ruth, Network Services Manager

    Brock Nye,  Systems Administrator

    Jacob, Carvajal, Jr. Systems Administrator

    Brian Shirk, Systems Support Supervisor

    Evan Winter, Systems Analyst

    Melody Mountsier, Client Services Supervisor

    Jonathon Jones, Service Technician

    Lisa Hartranft, Technical Support Specialist

    Gregory Dawkins, IT Support Technician

    Bryan Davis, IT Support Technician

    Patrick Killian, IT Support Technician

    Albert Pundt, IT Support Technician

    Susan DeArmitt, Computer Technician

    Zephaniah Stubbs,  IT Support Technician

    Matthew Sarrafian, IT Support Technician

    Don Thach,  IT Support Technician

    Bonnie Weir, Computer Technician

    Timothy Weir, Computer Technician