• Data Classification & Handling


    Data Classification and Handling Requirements

    Data handling requirements have been set forth in District Policy 800 to provide a clear protocol for handling each category of data dependent upon its form and classification.


    Administrative Data Classifications & Information Owners

    The District's administrative data is organized by the software application responsible for it. The following list includes each application category, its information owner, and a hyperlink to detailed information on its data classification.

    Data Application

    Information Owner


    Student Information


    Data Classification - Students

    Financial Accounting

    Assistant Superintendent for Finance & Administrative Operations

    Data Classification - Financial

    Human Resources

    Director of Human Resources

    Data Classification - Human Resources

    Cafeteria / POS

    Assistant Director of Business Affairs

    Data Classification - Cafeteria POS

    IEP / Special Education

    Director of Special Education

    Data Classification - IEP


    Assistant Superintendent for Finance & Administrative Operations

    Data Classification - Tax


    Business Office Accounting Supervisor

    Data Classification - Census

     Visitor Management

    Director of Safety and Security 

    Data Classification - VM

    Users of Central Dauphin School District data, in any form and for any purpose, are urged to contact the designated data stewards for guidance in cases that present handling questions or security concerns.  These handling requirements are reviewed annually or when warranted by significant changes to the data or its inherent applications.  Comments regarding these requirements should be emailed to the Director of Technology Services.