• Ms Starsinic

    Honors Geometry



    Course Description and Content:

    Students will study coordinates, transformations, measurement formulas, three-dimensional figures, right angle trigonometry, and proof writing.  Students will apply algebra and geometry concepts to problem solving situations.


    Course Expectations:

     1. Come to class every day with pencil and pen, calculator (should be scientific calculator: recommended is the TI-30X IIS) and completed homework.


    2. All work on tests and quizzes must be done in PENCIL.  Pencils will be available for borrowing during class if necessary.


    3.  Be respectful of teacher, peers, and school equipment.


    4.  Cell phones should be away and silenced during class, except when the teacher permits. 


    5. Charging of cell phones will NOT be permitted.


    6.  Listening to headphones during class will NOT be permitted. Headphones must be out of BOTH of your ears.



    Grading: All work must be shown on homework, quizzes and tests to receive full credit.  

    There will usually be one test at the end of each chapter as well as one quiz in the middle of each chapter. 

     •  Cheating of any type will not be tolerated and will result in an automatic 0% for the assignment.  The student may also face further discipline from the administration.  This applies to classwork/homework assignments, quizzes, assessments, and copying performance tasks.


    Homework:  Check homework calendar each day for assignments.

                4 points = completed homework (all questions attempted with work shown)

                2 Points = at least half of the problems completed with work shown

                0 points = assignment is not completed or no work was shown 

    **** Late homework will only be accepted in the case of absence from class****

    Tests, quizzes and homework assignments may be made up in the case of absence in the time allowed by the school’s policy


    Students should have a colored pencil or pen of a different color (red, pink, green, etc) to make corrections on the homework- (colored pencils will be available to borrow in class)



                            Pre-note taking will be a required part of the homework and should be completed the day before a the new lesson begins. Students will be required to use their text book to take notes prior to class for each lesson. Notes should include definitions, postulates and therorems as well as any information from key concepts shown in the boxes within the textbook lessons.   All of this information will be gone over in class during the lesson for further explanations and an opportunity for students to add to their notes where needed. Examples/practice problems will be done in class to show the application of the concepts in the notes.


    Quizzes and Tests:

                Each quiz and test will be entered into the grade book as a percentage out of 100 regardless of the actual total points.



    The grade for the course is determined with the following:

    Homework/Class Participation– 25%

    Quiz- 25%

    Tests- 50%



    *If you need extra assistance you can stop by the classroom anytime between 7-7:30am and sometimes after school by appointment. There is also math help available after school between 2:50 and 3:20pm on Tuesday and Thursday.

Last Modified on October 25, 2021