• CDSD COPY SHOP (Updated 8/15/19) 

    PLACING ORDERS for the 2019-20 SCHOOL YEAR - 

    Copy shop is now accepting orders for the 2019-2020 school year.  When placing online copy shop orders for the 2019-20 school year that are needed FOR THE START OF SCHOOL, please select a due date during the summer months.  This will help the copy shop complete all current orders and remain on schedule. Stagger due dates of orders when possible and limit orders to 5 jobs per ticket.  Please take into consideration orders containing larger quantities and allow more time for completion.  Create a new request for order exceeding 3000 copies as well as allow additional production time.  Orders will be shipped to the buildings upon completion.  Due to construction, West Hanover orders are being processed and held at the warehouse.  

    Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 

    When placing orders for the 2019-20 school year, please adhere to the following guidelines: 

    Online Copy Shop:

    • The cut off for submitting online copy requests needed by the start of school is August 2, 2019.  Requests submitted after this date cannot be guaranteed for the first 3 weeks of school.  
    • Secretaries/Office Staff Ordering Printing for Summer Mailings and Start of School:  Use the code word Summer19 in the job title.  Use address line 1 for your summer temporary building location (if different from your home building which is your cost center).  Orders will then be sent to your temporary location.  If copy shop deliveries should be made to your regular building, place the order as usual.
    • Summer School Staff:  Use SummerSchool in the job title.  All summer school orders will be rushed and returned to the building.
    • New Teachers:  New teachers (or those who have had a change in grade levels or subjects) should include the code word newhire19 in the copy shop job titles.  Copy shop will give priority to these orders to assist with transition.
    • 2019-20 Copy Shop Order Guidelines:  
      • No more than 5 orders per ticket (ex.  order no. 92000-1, 92000-2, 92000-3, 92000-4, 92000-5).  If additional orders are needed, proceed to check out and begin placing a new order selecting another due date. Please take into consideration the number of copies per request. For large orders (over 1500 total copies), please start a new job ticket.   
      • Dibels testing materials will be printed according to the information entered on the Google Doc.  There is no need to place an online copy shop order for materials. 
      • Handbooks, forms, back to school postcards and other materials needed for the start of school should be submitted at this time for processing during the summer. Orders are NOT accepted by email.
      • Due to cost, COLOR COPIES are only approved where color is necessary to deliver the curriculum.   Please complete the area for color justification on the job ticket during checkout.
      • Use Google Chrome for best results when placing orders.

      The Copyshop has been receiving an increased amount of copyrighted materials.  As a reminder, any documents submitted for duplication must not be in violation of copyright infringement laws. Adherence to this policy MUST be considered before requests are submitted to the copy shop.  All online copy shop users must click "accept" that they have necessary permission to reproduce the files attached when placing an order.  Please do not follow through with placing an order unless you are certain that there is permission to reproduce the materials.  Click HERE for the district's copyright policy. 


      • Handwriting Without Tears- Entire books cannot be reproduced.  There is limited permission to copy individual pages for practice.
      • A to Z Reading Resources- Requests cannot processed for a quantity greater than 36 books per classroom.  When one person is ordering for more than one classroom, please indicate the recipients in the special instructions.

    Graphic Services and The Copy Shop
    Design and printing of brochures, forms, catalogs, stationary and business cards are coordinated through Graphic Services and the Copy Shop. 

    Graphic Services
    Irene O'Neill, Supervisor of Graphic Services, 545-4703, ext. 250, ioneill@cdschools.org

    The Copy Shop
    545-4703, ext. 260 - Email copyshop@cdschools.org
    Sherri Lehman
    Pamela Sultzaberger

Last Modified on August 15, 2019