• World Cultures is the required social studies course for all 11th grade students in the Central Dauphin School District.
    The following will be the movies students can view outside of class for extra credit as we progress through our unit on the Middle East.  In addition to the movies themselves, dates are provided as to the time period students can view these movies.
    **Kingdom of Heaven--Historical fiction account of the 3rd Crusade in the late-1100s, as European Christians battle Saladin and the Muslim Turks for control of the Holy Land.  (11/06/07--11/27/07)
    **Munich--Detailed account of the Israeli secret service (Moussad) and their covert attempt to find those responsible for carrying out the 1972 Munich Olympic assassination of the Israeli Olympic team.  (11/21/07--12/06/07)
    **To view our scheduled list of daily activities, and for extra copies of most in-class assignments, please see the calendar link on the site.**
Last Modified on November 19, 2007