• 2017-18 Photo II Book Cover Design Contest
     The assignment:
    book cover  

    I’ll Judge This Book By Your Cover

    An Advanced Photography Assignment


    First, bring in one example of an intriguing book cover and be ready to defend your choice.  You will also need to create a brainstormed list of potential literary sources that interest you.


    After we have discussed the components of a strong book cover, you will:


    Utilize photography, text, and Photoshop elements to prepare a cover for a book of your choice.


    What do you need to know?  Is it important to know the theme(s)?  Characters?  Crucial moments?  Interesting elements?  Um….yes.


    You will need to hand in a printed copy of your work, a digital copy in jpeg format, and a typed explanation of your work.  You will be critiquing your peers, and they will be critiquing you, so make sure your writing is well thought-out and honors both the themes of your book and your artistic intentions.


    Copies of each cover will be emailed to the CD faculty, who will vote on your pieces based on the following criteria: craftsmanship, design, originality, subject matter, and font choice.  The overall winner will receive a reward!


    book cover 1



    book cover #2



    Book cover #3