• Central Dauphin Library Circulation Procedure

    Library books and materials loaned to students remain school district property while in the possession of students.  It is the expectation of the Board of School Directors that students will exercise proper care to ensure that loaned books are not lost and will refrain from causing damage to the books or defacing them in any way.  Students who lose or damage books for which they are responsible will be held financially responsible for the repair or replacements of the books. 


    General Regulations: 


    Circulating materials period of time:

    Elementary = 1 week

    Secondary = 2 weeks



    All library materials may be renewed unless they are on hold for another patron.


    Loan Procedure

    *Students will be permitted to borrow materials in amounts left to the librarian’s discretion.

    *Elementary students who repeatedly forget, lose, or damage books may be limited to one book for in school use at the librarian’s discretion.

    *Students who move within the district will be held responsible for any library obligations from the previous school. Borrowing privileges will be withheld or limited until obligations are satisfied.


    Damaged/Lost Procedures

     All cash, checks, or money orders received for lost or damaged materials will be sent to Accounts Payable with the required district form.


    * Lost or damaged beyond repair – FULL current replacement cost of the book/materials 




    * Lost or damaged beyond repair – FULL current replacement cost of the book/materials plus a $3.00 processing charge

    *Lost or damaged patron card - $7.00

    *Damaged but repairable – up to $10.00




    *Students who have paid for a lost book can receive a refund if it is returned within one week.

    * A district refund form will be sent by the librarian to the Business Department.

    *Refunds will be distributed by the administration office. 

    *If the book is found after that one week period, the book is considered the property of the student.





Last Modified on September 15, 2022