• A Message to Parents
    Education comes only from personal effort.  The school can provide opportunity and assistance.  The school cannot do its best work without the cooperation of the home.  Parental cooperation involves:
    1. Checking on the pupil's home study, providing a quiet place for it, and seeing that it is done well.
    2. Giving attention to report cards.  Report cards are distributed every nine (9) weeks.
    3. Visiting the school.
    4. Seeing that social functions do not interfere with the pupil's studies and rest.
    5. Assisting in impressing the fact that school is the most serious business of any child and demands the best effort of the pupil.
    6. Trying to discover interests and capacities of the child.  Help make plans for the future.
    7. Taking an interest in his progress throughout the year.
    8. Discussing school programs with the child.
    9. Seeing that the pupil gets enough sleep.
    10. Watching the health of the child.  The adolescent period is one in which careful attention should be paid to health, mental and physical.
    11. Reporting to the school any physical or mental handicaps under which the pupil may be laboring.  Poor hearing, bad eyesight, nervousness, etc., should be reported.
    12. Assisting in maintenance of regular attendance.  Parents sometimes unthinkingly keep pupils out of school for trivial reasons.
    13. Encouraging habits of promptness, obedience, courtesy and respect for authority and property.