• Visitation - Click Here for more information.

    Building Visitation

    Upon entering the building, please stop in the office and secure a visitor's pass.

    Parent Visitation

    The administration and faculty of the Central Dauphin schools wish to support home/school cooperation.  In order to make your visit to school more profitable to you and to us, and safe for all students, we ask:

    1.  Please schedule your visit in advance.  A phone call to the principal's office will alert all staff of your presence.

    2.  Special education classroom visits are scheduled through the respective special education supervisor.

    3.  If you desire a conference with a teacher, make an appointment through the office.  Classes will not be interrupted for this purpose.

    4.  All visitors must register in the office and obtain a visitor's badge.

    Pupil Visitation

    1.  Pupils from other school districts are not encouraged to visit the Central Dauphin schools.

    2.  Pupils from the Central Dauphin School District are not encouraged to visit other schools or schools within the district.

    3.  Younger brothers or sisters shall not be brought to school to visit.