• Safety and Security/Crisis Management

    The Central Dauphin School District has been focusing and will continue to take steps and actions which will prepare an effective response to the types and levels of crisis which can effect our schools.  We are taking a pro-active stance both to lessen the likelihood of a crisis and to prepare our administrators, staff and students for managing a crisis effectively.

    As a part of its commitment to enhance school safety for students and faculty, the district has initiated a picture identification system.  Each of the district's 1,500 employees has received a photo badge, allowing for easier identification of employees by students, parents and co-workers and emergency services personnel.  The district also has a Department of Safety and Security.  More information can be found by clicking here.

    Safety Patrol

    The safety patrol is composed of responsible children on duty in sufficient time before and after school to help insure your child will arrive safely at school or home.  All pupils are expected to obey the school patrol to help insure their own safety.  Parents should plan for their children to arrive at school during the time patrols are on duty.