Appearance and Dress - For a copy of the Dress Code Flyer - click HERE.

    1.  Standards for personal grooming and dress shall respect the following requirements:
    a.  Accessories or items of apparel which distract from the educational program shall not be worn.
    b.  Clothing and hair shall never be worn in a fashion that presents a hazard to the safety of any pupil or groups of pupils.
    2.  It shall be the responsibility of the building principal to exercise fair and consistent judgment in determining when violations of Item 1, (a) and (b) have occurred.
     Dress Code Flyer

    Dress for Physical Education Classes

    Elementary students should wear comfortable clothing that allow free movement for active play. Athletic shoes are required and must have adequate shoe laces and be sturdy to avoid accidents. 
    Please see your school/teacher website for PE rules and regulations.