• School Awards (Secondary)

    A.  Athletic Letter and Certificates:

    1.  Coaches shall recommend to the Athletic Council the names of those team members who merit the athletic letter.  Such team members shall have participated in at least half of the total number of quarters, innings or matches scheduled for the season in that sport.  If, in an exceptional case, a coach feels a letter shall be awarded to a pupil failing to meet the above criteria, the name of said pupil shall be submitted to the Athletic Council for appropriate action.

    2.  Letter winners must complete the season in good standing.

    3.  A letter will be awarded the first time a pupil has qualified.  Thereafter, said pupil will receive a certificate signifying the requirements of a letter award have been met.

    4.  The head team manager shall be eligible for a letter providing he or she has served in this capacity for two (2) years.  There shall be only one (1) head team manager.

    B.  Other school activities for which junior high school pupils shall be awarded certificates are:  School Play, Student Council, Newspaper, Public Relations Club, Audiovisual Operators, Band, Chorus, Operetta, Cheerleaders and Stage Crew.