• Welcome to Physics!

    This course is a hands on, discussion based class designed to look at different aspects of our world and how things work. There will be labs, activities, and projects throughout the year.

    You will receive a textbook for regular reading assignments. You are expected to maintain a binder or folder to organize all class materials. Items and supplemental materials will be posted on Canvas, so please take time to become familiar with the website.

  • Units

    1. Useful Skills in Physics

    2. Graphical Analysis

    3. Linear Motion

    4. Newton's Laws

    5. Applied Forces

    6. Gravitation 

    7. Two-Dimensional Motion

    8. Rotation Motion

    9. Momentum & Collisions

    10. Work, Power, & Energy

    11. Electricity 

    12. Field Trip

    13. Vibrations & Waves

    14. Sound

Last Modified on August 20, 2019