Avancemos 2

Spanish II/Español II

  • This school year (2019-2020), Señor Gonze teaches four sections of Spanish II.  The CDSD Spanish II curriculum uses the textbook ¡Avancemos 2! published by McDougal Littell.  Many physical materials will be made available in class, but it's important to make note of a digital resource that will also be used:  Google Classroom.

    Google Classroom is an online Google platform where Señor Gonze will post video tutorials that will explain many of the key concepts we'll be covering in class (especially grammar concepts).  He'll also include a blank copy of any notes given in class so that students may access these if they are absent or have lost what was given to them in class.  Anyone may join his Google Classroom (it's view only, so no one can make posts there), and to do so follow these instructions:

    1. Sign in to Classroom at classroom.google.com.
    2. On the homepage, click Add Add and then Join class.
    3. Enter the code specific to your class period and click Join.

    Codes by class period:

    Pd. 2: gjs788

    Pd. 3: gmreqrp

    Pd. 5: 2a2om7c

    Pd. 9: ytpr3e

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact him at cgonze@cdschools.org

Last Modified on August 14, 2019