Unit1: Numbers and Operations in Base Ten



    Concept 1: Place Value
    Lesson Essential Questions:
    1. How are place values related?
    -Base Ten
    -Place Value
    -Changing a digit within a place value

    2. How do I read and write whole numbers in different ways?

    - Number forms
    3. How do I use symbols to compare numbers?
    - Compare and order numbers
    - Between forms and expressions 


    Concept 2: Rounding and Estimation

    Lesson Essential Questions:


    4. How do I round whole numbers to a given place value?


    - Round to Estimate


    -Between Forms


    - Multi-Step Rounding :(Start with Rounded Number, Work Backwards Round 10 then 100 then 1,000)


    5. When is it appropriate to estimate versus calculate?








    Concept 3: Add and Subtract Multi-digit Numbers


    Lesson Essential Question:

    6. How do I add and subtract multi-digit numbers?


    -Add Whole Numbers

    (Estimating Sums, Commutative, Associative, and Distributive Properties, Partial Sums, Traditional Regrouping)


    -Subtract Whole Numbers


    (Estimating Differences, Partial Differences, Traditional Regrouping)


    - Problem Solving


    Concept: Multiplication

     Lesson Essential Questions:

    7. How do I multiply numbers?

    -Estimating Products

    - Model Multiplication

    - Place Value/Fact Extensions

    - Properties

    - Partial Products

    - Traditional Regrouping

    - Two-Digit Numbers


    Concept: Division

    Lesson Essential Questions:

    8. How do I divide numbers?

    -Estimating Quotients

    - Model Division

    - Place Value/Fact Extensions

    - Properties

    - Partial Quotients

    - Traditional Regrouping