An Intro to sculpture

This class is an introduction to sculpture

  • 3-D Art I Mrs. McPoyle



    Introduction to the fundamentals of sculpture, emphasizing problem solving and the creative thinking using a variety of materials and techniques.


    •    Introduce construction materials for use in creating sculptural art.
    •    Gain the knowledge of various building techniques.
    •    Learn how to use various tools to construct sculptural art.
    •    Explore the creative manipulation of materials as an expressive medium.
    •    Use critical thinking skills to transform concepts into sculptural art.
    •    Develop problem solving skills through the practice of artistic processes and procedure including concept, planning/sketching, exploration of materials, and building.
    •    Encourage the creative process through self-discovery.
    •    Foster an understanding of, and an appreciation for sculptural art from its historic origins to its most contemporary form and applications.
    •    Develop a vocabulary of terms when discussing sculptural art.
    •    Introduce critical analysis of one’s own work as well as the work of others.


    For this course you are required to keep a sketchbook.  It may be a three ring binder with plain drawing paper and graph paper, or it can be a regular sketchbook.  In the sketchbook you should keep all your research, drawings, plans, notes on group discussions, and notes on techniques that we review during demonstrations.  Sketchbooks will be collected at the end of each marking period. The sketchbook should include:

    •    Syllabus
    •    All assigned readings
    •    Research for projects
    •    Drawings, sketches, and documentation of the work in progress
    •    End of marking period self evaluation


    Grades for finished projects are based on the following criteria:

    •    Completion and development of the work during each week ( Work Ethic)      
    •    Conceptual and formal accomplishment of the work in response to the proposed objectives
    •    Level of craft and technical achievement
    •    Completion of work according to project deadlines
    •    Creative and original approaches
    •    Ingenuity
    •    Diligence


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