• Google Classroom


    Students will be using Google Classroom on a weekly basis to receive class announcements, find extra copies of graphic organizers/notes/rubrics, take online assessments, and submit assignments including journals and performance task projects.  They have all logged in, have been shown how to use the features, and have started to submit assignments.

    Why Google Classroom?

    —It syncs to your school google drive accounts.

    —You can access it from any device.

    —It saves automatically.

    —There are fewer issues with compatibility.

    —You can save items into folders.

    —It works just like Office programs.

    —There’s an app for that…


    Students can access Classroom and Google Drive from any device.  Google Drive includes Docs, Slides, etc where they can complete their work. 

    Below is the log in information they will need.  Many students currently have apps on their phones which they use in the classroom to complete some of the assignments. 

    Recommended way to log in:

    District website:  www.cdschools.org

    Log in to Moodle using school credentials.

                    Must use ##name@students.cdschools.org account. 

                    (Do not use Old accounts ##name@cdstudents.org – it will not link everything together)

    Classroom & Google Drive links are on the right side of the screen.


    **students can also use free apps on devices including phones & iPads.

    Back up log in:


    Students still need to log in using current school credentials.

Last Modified on September 20, 2017