Senior English

  • This class follows the 12th grade English curriculum with modifications for student needs. 


    This class will include reading different items focusing on World Literature, reading articles & close reading activities, writing multiple paragraph responses and essays, practicing grammar and revision skills, responding to journal prompts, completing performance tasks, completing various transition activities to prepare for post high school goals.  Students will be completing items that they will need in the future including (but not limited to) resumes, cover letters, etc. 


    —Some of the titles that will be used this year will be:

    —Myths & Legends- Greek Mythology

    —Things Fall Apart- African Culture

    —Hamlet- Shakespeare play based in Denmark

    —Night- Memoir about the Holocaust

    —The Things They Carried- Memoir about Vietnam

    Additional works may be added depending on progress.


    This class will also be utilizing Google Classroom on a weekly basis.  It will be used for posting assignments, notes, extra copies of assignments, and links to resources.  In addtion, students will be required to submit most of their written assignments through this application.  Refer to the additional tab with directions for accessing Google Classroom for this class. 

Last Modified on September 20, 2017