General Rules & Class Expectations

  • For all classes

    Rules Students need to...

    Be on time to class. (1st period: you must be in the door by 7:45 am. Otherwise you will need to report to the office for a late pass.

    Be prepared for class -have all the materials you need ready when the bell rings. (No locker passes)

    Respect others and their property; (including items used from the classroom; put items away at the end of class)

    Keep all personal items away. (No spraying cologne, please!)

    Listen to all directions from the teacher or para.



    —Students are responsible for getting and making up work from classes.

    —Students are responsible for keeping track of your assignments.

    —Use an assignment planner, the calendar on your phone, or use a notebook

    —Students will need to check Google Classroom weekly to check and complete assignments.

    —Students are responsible for asking for clarification if you are unclear about something.


    Phone Use:

    —Phones/devices/headphones must be away (not visible) during instruction, class discussions, etc.

    —Phones/devices use may be used during independent work time for listening to music, and completing class work only- with teacher approval/permission. Proof of use may be asked for at any time.

    —Using phones this period is a privilege not a right. Mrs. Levarto has the right to take this away if being abused or as a consequence to poor grades.

    —(abuse includes but is not limited to texting, snapchatting, etc)

Last Modified on September 20, 2017