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    School Counseling Services


    Individual Counseling: I can meet with students on an individual basis. My door is always open for them if they want to talk about issues they are having with friends, school, home, etc. Our conversations are always confidential, unless the student's safety, or the safety of another student is in danger.  In these cases, I need to break confidentiality and alert an administrator and/or parent.

    Small Group Counseling: Small counseling groups will be offered throughout the school year. Some topics of counseling groups may be (but are not limited to): ZONES of Regulation, Anger Management, Family Changes, Study Skills, Grief and Loss, Friendship, and Social Skills. Parent permission is required for small group instruction.

    Classroom Lessons: During the school year I will visit your student's classroom to deliver whole group lessons.  Topics for lessons include - Meet The Counselor (Counseling Services), Red Ribbon Week (Making Healthy Choices), Friendship, CyberSafety, and Career Exploration.  I may visit a classroom at the request of a teacher if they are having a classroom-wide issue/problem that may need to be addressed.

    Consultation: It is vital that parents, teachers, and administrators are on the same page to address student needs. I can meet with teachers and administrators to discuss student problems, plan for strategies to address these problems, and follow up on their progress. I am also available to meet with parents to discuss any concerns they may have.

    Referral to resources: As a school counselor, I am knowledgeable of outside resources that are available within the community. If parents have questions or need recommendations for these agencies, I can provide them with informational brochures or contact information.