• Specials Schedule

    Day 1 - Art

    Day 2-  Music

    Day 3-  Alternate

    Day 4- Gym (Wear Sneakers)  

    Day 5- Library (Do NOT forget Books)   Gym (Wear Sneakers)  

  • Class Dojo

    Please Join our ClassDojo to get real time updates on your student's behavior in our classroom! Students can earn Green points by showing awesome behavior and following the Tri-C 3. These Green points can later be cashed in for awesome prizes! Students who choose not to follow the Tri-C 3 rules will earn Red points which deduct from their Green point balance. This means they will have less points to spend at the end of the week. More than 2 Red points will result in a letter home. Once you join our Classroom Dojo you will be able to see exactly which rules your student is excelling at or choosing to ignore. This is an excellent way to communicate as well. I will be using Classroom Dojo to send out messages to the entire class so it is important you join so that you can stay up to date!

Last Modified on August 24, 2023