• I am so excited to tell you about flexible seating in our classroom! Students now have many different seating options throughout the day, and they get to decide which seat in our classroom will work best for their learning style. I am passionate about classroom design and its effect on learning. I want my classroom to be motivating, engaging, and for students to have many opportunities to collaborate with one another! I also want my classroom to be able to accommodate the needs of all my students.


    Instead of just traditional desks and chairs, we have soft chairs, stability balls, stools, ottomans, low tables, rugs, etc for students to use.  Studnts will not have an individual desk this year, students will be keeping their folders and notebooks in book bins and will share the community supplies with one another.


    According to some of the research I found, flexible seating:

    1.      helps students attention spans; which results in higher achievement
    2.      makes students more actively engaged in the classroom
    3.      gives them an active outlet without disrupting their learning
    4.      makes them more physically fit
    5.      motivates students to want to come to school
    6.      helps those with ADHD and Autism, along with other special needs
    7.      helps develop a sense of community among the students which improves their social skills
    8.      helps them to become independent learners


    Flexible seating will allow your child to choose which seat works best for them. At the beginning of the year we will take the first few weeks to go over appropriate behavior and how to sit correctly on each seat.  I will also be teaching the students how to choose a spot that is the most conducive to their learning style.  “When the body is active, the brain is active”. 


    Our classroom flexible seating rules:

    • Choose a workplace that allows you to be successful
    • Use all seats appropriately and in a safe way
    • Take care of community supplies
    • Mrs. Gainer has the right to move anyone at anytime
    • Be comfortable
    • Be responsible
    • Be respectful
    • Be prepared
    • Always be prepared to answer the question: why did you choose that seat today?