Language Arts

  • Our first units in this area will focus on cause and effect, fact and opinion, conclusions, inferences, clarifying misconceptions as we read, author's point of view, author's craft, and how literature reflects life.   We will read stories titled, Mrs. Jewls's, PackageElisa's DiaryDouble Dutch, and others.


  • Students are given their spelling list at the beginning of each week.  Throughout the week students work with their words in various ways to practice the patterns and spellings.  Students are expected to complete the 4 MUST DO activities and 2 of the YOUR CHOICE activities from their spelling contracts each week at home.  These activities are to be done in their spelling notebook.  These spelling contracts are to be signed by an adult to say that they saw the student practicing at home.  These contracts are worth 31 points each week and are counted in the spelling grades.  Spelling contracts are due at the end of the week.  Also at the end of each week, students are assessed on the word pattern they were given to practice.