Upon entry into the Central Dauphin School District, students may be identified as needing English Language Development (ELD) instruction.  Families are required to fill out a Home Language Survey (HLS) from the District registration packet.  If a language other than English is noted on the HLS, a member of the ELD staff will contact the family for additional information. 

    If necessary, the ELD staff will assess the student to determine their level of English language proficiency in the areas of speaking, listening, reading, and writing.  Within fourteen days of enrollment, the families will receive a letter that indicates the need for additional support in language acquisition. For more information on the assessment tools used for identification of ELs, please click HERE

    The records from a previous school district or institution may also indicate that a student was receiving (or previously received) ELD instruction.  If so, the ELD staff will review the documents to determine the level of support for language acquisiton.