• Resources for Parents 




    All districts in Pennsylvania must communicate with parents and/or guardians in a language that they can understand.  Central Dauphin School District is committed to providing parents with information in their desired language.  Our website can translate any Word document in to multiple languages.  Please click the link below for more information on how to access the website and other documents in multiple languages.  Additionally, we can request interpreters for meetings and also translate documents that are not on our website.  You can also find a TRANSLATED DOCUMENTS link on your school's homepage and this has all of the important information that you might need.  Please reach out to the English Language Development (ELD) teachers in your child's school for more information.      

    • How to view our website in multiple languages

    The following document will give you directions on how to view Central Dauphin's website in any language.  Click HERE to access the document.


    • Smart phone apps that you can use for communicating in multiple languages

    Click the following link if you would like more information on how you can communicate with school staff in your home langauge.  Talking Points is a free website that can help you connect with teachers and be informed on what is happening at your child's school.  Please click HERE for more information.  



    Families have also asked how students exit from the ELD program or how they can be opted-out of the program at Central Dauphin.  Please click the PDE Educating English Learners page on the right then click the link in the content.  Once you are on PDE's website, click the link on the right that says Reclassification, Monitoring, and Redesignation of ELs or Parent Right to Refuse the LIEP.  



     There are also many links on the WIDA website to help parents make sense of the WIDA score reports that come home.  Please click HERE for an explanation of the ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 score reports.  The parent letters on this website are also translated in many different languages.  

     The following website is directly from PDE and it shows the score sheets of the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA). These score sheets are a guide to show you how to interpret your child's PSSA scores and they come in a variety of languages.  Please click HERE for more information.  



    During the winter months, schools might either be DELAYED or CLOSED.  Please click HERE to learn more about school delays and closings. 



    The following resource from the United States Department of Education is helpful in defining certain acronyms that you may see on documents. Please click HERE for the list. 

    This is also a list of acronyms from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Please click HERE for the document.

    The following website, Colorin Colorado, is a great bilingual resource for educators and families of English Learners.  Please click HERE for more information.  

    We have compiled a list of websites for families to use at home.  Please click HERE for the document.  

     Here is a guide to free reading and literary resources (submitted by Valentina, age 10--thank you, Valentina!).  Click HERE


    Click on the links below for other important documents from the Central Dauphin School District.

    Household Information:

    CEP Letter to Household

    Household Information Survey

    House Survey CEP Letter

    Health Information:

    Flu Vaccine Consent Form (Spanish)

    Flu Vaccine Consent Form (English)

    Flu Vaccine Letter (Spanish)

    Flu Vaccine Letter (English)

    Annual Health Survey

    Over the Counter Medication Form

    Absentee Information:

    Absentee Information