Online Learning began April 14th

    Monday's at Noon is 7th grade scheduled Health & PE

    Tuesday's at Noon is 6th grade scheduled Health & PE

    Friday's at Noon is 8th grade scheduled Health & PE

    SMS Health & PE Google Classroom Code is: lrukxlv

    Please join the Google Classroom for any important news and online assignments for ALL grades! This is where you can find you Zoom links for online sessions.  All assignments can be Turned In through Google Classroom.


    Previous Infomation

    After much collaboration with the other Health & PE teachers, we have made the transition over from Canvas to Google Classroom for our classes to all be combined.  We thought a larger group collaboration would allow much more connection during this time away.  Please join the Google Classroom link below and anything you see posted or assigned by myself or any of the other Health & PE teachers please follow along.  We encourage you to work on and try out these different things.  

    Google Classroom Code: lrukxlv

    FlipGrid Class Codes:

    NEW Physical Education FlipGrid: flipgrid.com/paganas4835

    8th Grade Health: https://flipgrid.com/2y62o4

    7th Grade Health: https://flipgrid.com/sdpso5

    6th Grade Health: https://flipgrid.com/sbua6h

    As always, please email me with any questions or concerns!  Be safe and well everyone :)


    Time for year 2 to get underway!  Welcome ladies to my page!  You'll find exactly what we will be learnig this year and what you'll be learning in years to come.  I am super excited for this school year and looking forward to incorporating many great tools and new ideas myself and my team have come up with for you all.  This is also my 1st season as the CD East HS Girls Varsity Head Soccer Coach and Swatara/CD East Middle Junior High Girls Head Soccer Coach. 

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    6th Grade:

    • Wellness- Hygiene/Caring for your body
    • Time Management, Stresses, Successes
    • Decisions & Goal Making
    • Coping with conflicts & stresses
    • Online Safety-Cyberbullying
    • Emotions/feelings
    • Fitness, Nutrition, & Sleep

    7th Grade:

    • Wellness
    • Safety
    • Bullying- Coping with conflicts & stresses
    • Dove Campaign
    • Adolescence
    • Relationships
    • Fitness
    • Nutrition

    8th Grade:

    • Wellness- Bullying
    • Mental & Emotional Health
    • Drugs (ATOD)
    • Opioids
    • Sexuality/Pregnancy
    • Body Systems