• Pupil records are an inherent part of one's education. Reasons for collecting information vary from pupil identification and accounting purposes required by state laws for reimbursement and tax purposes, to providing parents, pupils and professionals appropriate data in which to monitor and/or, when necessary, define more clearly causes for individual problems.

    Therefore, the pupil record may include, but is not limited to, personally identifiable information (such as name, address, phone numbers of parents), pupil's school grades, date of birth, attendance record, test results and evaluation reports, progress reports, health and dental records. All information is collected and maintained under such confinements of privacy as may be obtained through informed consent, verification of accuracy, limited access and appropriate use.

    Should your child transfer to another school district, his/her permanent record, cumulative folder information, testing record and health record will be forwarded to the new school district upon receipt of written notification of admission. Upon written authorization from the parent or eligible pupil, a high school transcript will be released to persons having a legitimate educational interest, such as post-secondary educational institutions and/or prospective employers. Should you have concern or reason to believe some portion of the record is in error, or handled in a way that may violate the pupil's privacy, you should discuss the matter with the building principal. If the matter is not resolved, a request in writing stating intent and reason for contesting the record should be directed to the superintendent. A ruling will be made and you will be notified of your rights should you desire to appeal further. A copy of the District Records Policy and Procedures is on file in the school principal's office.