Reports to Parents

  • Elementary - Sharing the progress of pupils with parents is done each nine weeks with a report card. Letter symbols are used and reflect the many variables that are considered to reach the grade given. In addition, teachers may use checklists and narratives to reflect students' progress.

    Parent-teacher conferences often assist in better understanding of a child's progress. Conferences can be initiated by parents by calling the school office. Teachers often arrange conferences with parents. In either case, the understanding that results will be in the best interest of the child.

    Conferences must be held at a time that will not interfere with the instructional program of the class.

    In addition to the regular report card, parent-teacher conferences will be scheduled by the school for all pupils.

    Secondary - The school year is divided into four (4) report periods. Report cards will be issued within two (2) weeks after the report period closes.

    Duplicate report cards will only be issued to pupils upon written request by the parents, only if a report card is lost or destroyed.

    Counselors may be contacted about report cards. Appointments may be made at your convenience to review student progress, test scores and educational plans.

    Pupils will be expected to satisfy all financial and other obligations before report cards are issued and pupil records are cleared.

    Progress reports to parents shall be prepared by the teacher for those pupils who are making unsatisfactory progress at the end of the fifth week in each grade period.