• Instructional Support Team

    The purpose of the Instructional Support Team is to provide each student with the opportunity for a successful school experience. The team receives requests for assistance for academic, emotional, and/or behavioral concerns. This request can be made by parents, classroom and i,tinerant teachers, the counselor, the principal, or the nurse. After the request is screened, members of the team complete observations, conduct interviews, and complete assessments to determine the child's specific needs. The Instructional Support Team meets to review the information, brainstorm strategies and develop a plan that assists the student at being more successful. At the end of the 30-day intervention period, the IST reconvenes to review the student's progress.

    Parents are included in the entire process. Before requesting assistance from the Instructional Support Team, the classroom teacher shares the concern with the child's parents. Parents become a part of the IST. Parents participate in the Action Plan Meeting that creates the specific intervention plan for the child's needs. Parents assist in helping to implement the plan at home. Parents also participate in the Review Meeting at the conclusion of the 30-day intervention.