Poem and Artwork by Shel Silverstein from A Light in the Attic.
  • Amount of Books per grade
    Grades K, and 1 = 1 book each  
    Grades 2, 3, 4, and 5 = 2 books each
    Students must return all books before getting new ones
    Book Collection
    Students should bring library books to school the day before their library day (day 1 if you they have library on day 2).  A book basket will be outside their classroom door in which they may place any books to be returned.  The book bins will be collected at the end of the day.  If a student wishes to renew a book, they can bring it along to library class.  A book must come to library class to be renewed.
    Students may renew a book as long as it is not on hold for another student or teacher.  If there is a hold or high demand for the material, students will not be permitted to renew.
    Fifth Grade Helpers
    Some fifth grade students help with book collection.  Student helpers collect book baskets and return the book bins to the library.  Each student is assigned a partner to help them on their library helper day.  Interested students need a teacher recommendation.  Thank you to all the fifth graders for their help and to the fifth grade teachers for the opportunity for these students to become more active in our library!
    Lost/Damaged Books
    When library books are lost or damaged it is expected that the replacement cost be paid in order to replace the book in the library for our students.  When students do not return library books, they may not take another one home until books are returned.  Please pay replacement costs when needed so that students may continue to enjoy taking library books home.  A replacement cost can be printed on an overdue notice for reference. 
    Overdue Notices
    If a book is not returned on library day, it is overdue and you will receive an overdue notice for the book.  The notices are given to teachers and students to put in folders to go home.  Notices can also be printed upon request. There are no fees for late books; the price on the overdue notice is for if the book is lost.  Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the notices, please email Mrs. Sattazahn at msattazahn@cdschools.org
Last Modified on August 25, 2023