• The students who create the book use StudioWorks publishing software in correlation with Adobe Photoshop to create the layouts, edit the pictures, and design the pages that eventually appear in the book.  The book is published by Balfour Publishing Company, a well-known yearbook publisher.
    The book is almost completely digital, which means that over 90% of all the pictures seen in the book came from Lifetouch, our professional photography company.  The only pictures that may not be digital are pictures that are personally submitted by parents or seniors themselves for the "baby pics" or "remember when" sections of the book.
    The process involved in creating a yearbook is much more involved than most people would realize.  It takes several years for students to become proficient on the software we use, which is why we encourage participation in yearbook starting in the 9th grade and continuing through the students' senior year.  Our favorite saying is: "You can't fix the problems if you aren't on yearbook!"  The students have full input in the theme and design of the book. 

    In fact, each year the process of creating a yearbook begins in April the year before it will be published and sold to the students.  Current junior class yearbook members will sit with a professional Graphic Designer each spring and design the next year's (their senior year) cover.  It is a very exciting day for the yearbook staffers.  After that the students begin laying out the book and designing the pages.  The students will do as much as they can before summer break and will return and continue working by September of the next school year.  The book is actually completed and submitted to the publishing company in early March, which is why, in our book, the spring sports are always from the previous year.  The student staffers then get a well-deserved break (only about 6 weeks, though), and then the process begins again.