PE Uniforms

  • 2021-22

    CDSD Uniform Procedure

     All students must change into district approved physical education clothing in order to participate in class.  This is a necessity for hygiene and safety. All clothing must meet district dress code.

     The following is acceptable Physical Education clothing:

    Official CDSD physical education uniform


    Crew neck t-shirt:  plain grey, white, or green (CD High, CDMS, and LMS) or black (EAST High, EMS, SMS) May have school logos.

    - No V-necks, scoop necks, tank tops, sleeveless shirts, crop tops, etc.

    Athletic gym shorts and/or sweat pants

    - No dress shorts, zippers, buttons, etc.

    Sneakers and socks

    - Sneakers with laces tied and are deemed safe for the activity by the physical education teacher.

    Sweatshirts are encouraged over crew neck t-shirts in cooler weather.

    - Crew neck t-shirt must be worn under sweatshirt in case class is moved inside due to weather conditions.