• Welcome to CD East High Orchestra

     Mrs. Dalinda Bohr
    Voice Mail: 541-1662 ext 71160

    East High Auditorium

    (Concerts begin at 7:00 pm unless otherwise noted) 

    Upcoming dates:

    19 October  Fall Instrumental Concert

    5-8 October Fall Play  (7 pm except Sunday 2:30 Matinee)

    24 October  Night on Broadway - Choral

    17 November Holiday Magic Craft Fair Set-up 4:30 - 10 pm

    18 November Holiday Magic Craft Fair 6 am - 6 pm

    5 December  Holiday Band & Orchestra 

    12 December  Holiday Choral Concert

    8-10 February Hosting PMEA District 7 Orchestra Festival

    14 February EHS Pops Concert

    14-17 March   EHS Musical 

    3 April Mega Strings 1 pm concert at 6 pm

    4 April Mega Band 1 pm concert at 6 pm

    25 April Spring Choral Concert

    30 April  Spring Instrumental Concert

    3, 10, 17, 24, 31 May and June 7 Music in the Parks

    04  June  EHS Graduation

    (05   June  Last Student Day)

    See you there!


    Please note that Concert Dress for all orchestra concerts is as follows (unless otherwise directed):

            Ladies and Gentlemen: Music Department Polo and with black slacks
    - no jeans, khakis etc.                         
            Dress Shoes with black socks  – no sneakers, clogs.
    Ladies:  If you choose to wear a skirt it must be black and fall BELOW the knee when seated.  
            Jewelry – no studded bracelets, necklaces, or accessories of similar nature are to be worn.


                We are proud of our music department and the talents these students display.  It is our goal to show our pride as an organization of young, talented, and self-respecting musicians.  Students who are not dressed appropriately for the concerts will be subject to a reduction in grade, changed seating, asked to change clothes, or in extreme cases not to participate in the performance.               




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