• Music Activities

    Hey everyone!  I really miss seeing you all in music class and chorus.  In the meantime, here are some music activities you can do:


    1. Teach a song

       Pick a song from music class or chorus and teach it to a family member.  It can be a warm-up song from the beginning of class or any other song we've done.  Here are some ideas:

            Warm-ups: Stand Up to Sing, Hello There, Hello Everybody, Chocolate Cookie, Blow a Bubble Bubblegum, One Bottle of Pop, Someone's Swipin' my Soda Pop Cans, Chumbara, Happy Friday, Dum Dum Ditty

            Chorus warm-ups: Sing Legato, Staccato is Short, Boogie Down Chant

       Other ideas:        

            1st grade - A Different Beat ("Every place that you go..."), Shine Shine Shine, The Little Green Frog, Fruits and Vegetables

            2nd grade - Heigh Ho, Gonna Have a Good Time, Let Us Chase the Squirrel, Ayelivi

            3rd grade - Hello to All the Children of the World, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Chicken on a Fence Post

            4th & 5th grade - songs from chorus 

    2. Draw a Song

       Pick a song, close your eyes, and listen to it.  Then, play the song again and draw a picture that you think fits the music.


    3. Write a Rhythm

       Get some scrap paper, compose a rhythm, and perform it!  You can sing it, use body percussion (taps, claps, stomps, etc.) or create an instrument (for example, tap an empty plastic container with a spoon).  Here is a list of rhythms that Mr. Boden has taught between 1st and 5th grade: Rhythms


    4. Listening Journal

       Pick a song that you like and listen to it!  On a piece of paper, answer the following:

              Tempo: How fast is it?  Adagio - slow, Andante - a "walking" speed, Allegro - fast, Presto - very fast

              Genre: What type of music is it?  (ex. rock, classical, jazz, etc.)

              Instruments: What instruments do you hear?  You can name it by families (string, woodwind, brass, percussion) or specific instruments.

              Dynamics: What is the volume?  When and how does it change?                                                                               p - quiet, mp - medium quiet, mf - medium loud, f - loud, crescendo - getting louder, decrescendo - getting softer

              Mood: What are the feelings/emotions of the song?

       You can also do this activity with a sibling or a parent... each person picks a different song!



Last Modified on March 24, 2020