2020 - 2021


    We are so excited to be with you for the 2020 - 2021 academic year!  We have missed seeing you, working with you and learning with you! It certainly was an unexpected end to last year and the beginning of this year isn't quite what we're used too.  We acknowledge that things look a bit different and feel a bit different.  We are aware that everyone is feeling a LOT of emotions - confused? sad? anxious? excited? happy? And everywhere in between! 

    Please know that your School Counselors are here to support you as we get back into the swing of things with school.  We are here in our offices - five days a week. We want to make sure that you know your LMS School Counselors are available to assist students and families in any way.  We are available via phone calls, email and video conferencing.  Students may also stop by the Guidance Office during their in person learning days.  You can always sent us a message a schedule in person appointments with us upon your return to school or we can meet virtually.  Please feel free to reach out to us anytime. 

    Please reach out and connect with us.  How are you feeling?  Are there things that are stressing you out?  How can we help you?   

    We are looking forward to working with you and supporting you this year!

    Take care.  Be well.  Remember to show your RAMS PRIDE!

    All our best!

    Your LMS School Counselors,

    Mrs. Meredith Siget (A-K)                                            Mrs. Kathy Geissler (L-Z)                                                                                  


    Mrs. Linda Topp

    Guidance Secretary

May 2020

  • MAY 2020 

    Your School Counselors remain available to you during this difficult time.  While we will respond to all of your emails in a timely manner, we are scheduling "virtual" office hours to be readily available to you. During these office hours, we will be on our computers and able to respond immediately. 

    Mrs. Siget's office hours: Monday - Friday 10:00 - 11:00

    Mrs. Geissler's office hours: MWF - 9:00 - 10:00 and T/Th - 1:30-2:30

    Please reach out to us!

    Your LMS School Counselors,

    Mrs. Meredith Siget (A-K)                                            Mrs. Kathy Geissler (L-Z)                                       

April 2020

  • APRIL 2020 

    Hello LMS!

    We wanted to touch base with you again as we dive into April.  We are working on various ways to connect with you virtually while our school remains closed.  Please visit our Guidance Webpage on a regular basis for updates and ideas to encourage your learning and connections during this uncertain time.  

    Each week our plan is to connect with you in a few different ways.  You'll find a link on the side to MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY! Please stop by here for a quick pick me up on Monday mornings.  We want to provide a thought for the week, an inspiration, a smile as we start the day.  

    Wednesdays will be devoted to NAVIANCE EXPLORATION! We want to encourage you to continue to explore all that Naviance has to offer.  We'll provide time to venture on your own as well as specific goals and tasks to accomplish.  

    Fridays will be all about fun - FUN FRIDAYS! We've found lots of creative ways to stay engaged with your family and friends.  We'll provide ideas for creative projects, tasks and challenges.  

    We have so enjoyed hearing from so many of you!  Please continue to email us and share what you've been doing - reading, games played, creative activities, just say Hi!  We miss seeing you in the halls of LMS and look forward to when we'll be together again.  Please reach out with questions and concerns.  Let us know how you're feeling and how we can continue to support you.  If you have an idea for any of our creative days of the week, please share that with us! What's your favorite quote? Do you have a favorite Roadtrip Nation video that you've seen in Naviance?  Anything creative you've been doing at home that you can share with others?  Let us know and you might just find it on this webpage to be enjoyed by your classmates!

    Keep showing your RAMS PRIDE! We miss you!

    Your LMS School Counselors,

    Mrs. Meredith Siget (A-K)                                            Mrs. Kathy Geissler (L-Z)                                       

March 2020

  • Dear Linglestown Middle School Students and Families,

    The LMS school counselors hope you and your family are doing well during these uncertain times.  We have been thinking of you and hope that you and your family are staying healthy, positive and keeping busy!

    We would love to hear from you - how are you spending your extra time?  Are you reading any books?  Playing your instrument or putting your creative art skills to work?  Maybe you are trying a special recipe or putting puzzles together.  Feel free to email us and share how you are spending your time. We’d love to stay connected with you. 

    During these uncertain times, it’s important to practice mindfulness to take care of yourself.  Be sure to continue to get lots of sleep, go outside to get fresh air, and continue to eat healthy.  Create a ‘to do’ list for each day and follow a daily routine.  Get up, get dressed and get going! 

    Please check out the links we’ve provided on the right side of our webpage.  Lastly, if there is anything you need, please reach out.  We will respond as quickly as we can.

    Your LMS School Counselors,

    Mrs. Meredith Siget (A-K)                                            Mrs. Kathy Geissler (L-Z)                                       



    Play a game with your family like Trivia or Scrabble

    Go for a 30 minute walk by yourself or with your dog

    Spend an hour reading a favorite book

    Find a family favorite recipe to make (ask permission first or help cooking)

    Practice drawing, coloring or painting

    Learn about yoga and practice a few new techniques

    Write a letter to a family member who lives in another town or state