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    Explaining the News to Our Kids



         Disturbing news events can leave parents speechless. Knowing how and when to talk with kids—and when to listen—can help. Check out this article from Common Sense Media for Tips!




    Conversations About School


    How can you promote conversations with your child after school? If your children are anything like mine, some days they can't stop talking and other days when you ask them how school was, they can only respond with "fine". Here are some helpful conversation starters to get them talking. Whether your in the car together, sitting at the dinner table, or getting ready for bed, try these out and see what work with your child.-


    -What's the coolest thing that happened today?


    -What made you laugh today?


    -How were you kind or helpful today? Was anyone kind or helpful to you?


    -Pretend you are your teacher? Did you have a good day or a bad day today? Why?













Last Modified on October 13, 2023