Counseling Resources



    True North Wellness Services are now providing school based outpatient counseling services to LES students. School based means that students receive their counseling services at school during their school day.  Outpatient counseling services are billed through students' insurance. If you are interested in getting more information regarding these services please contact Mrs. Simcox. 

    The Student Assistance Program is available for all students. School Staff or Parents can refer a student who may need some additional support. It is a free and confidential service offered to ALL families at LES to help and support students in and out of school. The team works with parents/guardians to connect them with services and assistance within the community to meet the needs of the students. Information is kept confidential and participation is completely voluntary and requires parent permission. Click on the link to find out more. SAP Brochure



Last Modified on August 23, 2023