Home Access Center Instructions

  • Allows you to access your student’s grades on-line.  Keep informed as to when your student hands in their coursework, any missing assignments and grades earned. 

    1. Go to the District page - www.cdschools.org
    2. Look for HAC on the right side options. Click on HAC (small house icon)
    3. This takes you to the Home Access Center Login.
    4. To begin, enter your username and password.
    5. Beneath username & password…

    Forgot My Username or Password?  Click the link to recover your login information.

    Click Here to Register for HAC? Click the link to access your login information.

    Home Access is updated at the discretion of individual teachers – typically on a weekly basis.


    In order for this to work, you must have an accurate email address on record.  You can email our secretary Mrs. Brooker (bbrooker@cdschools.org) to update your information.

    Also, in case you have trouble with this, your student has their own access and can check HAC as well.