Dauphin County Technical School

  • Update as of 4/20/20
    Acceptance letters will be mailed tomorrow 4/21/20.  There will be another wave of accepted students in May.
    For those of you that receive your acceptance letter within the week, please make sure you read through all of the material.  Several forms need to be completed and
    sent back to DCTS in the mail (the acceptance form, home language form, and course selection form).  Other forms need to be completed online (the DCTS online piece
    can not be done until after they open the information on 5/1/20).  Please pay attention to the dates they need information returned to them by.  You will need
    to complete a course selection form for them as well.  You may need to consult with your teachers for recommendations.  You must take an English, Math, Science and
    History course.  You will then choose either Spanish, or PE/Health.  If you have Mrs. Vargo, Ms. Gruber, or Ms. Flouras, you will need to consult with them about your
    classes.  Please contact either Mrs. Challenger or Mrs. Boop via email if you have any questions.  tchallenger@cdschools.org or tboop@cdschools.org
    If you are still interested in learning more about DC Tech, please visit their website at www.dcts.org.
    If you are an 8th grade student still interested in applying to DC Tech, please complete the first 5 pages of the Application for 9th grade and submit to the Guidance
    Click here for the application - 9th Grade DCTS Application
    Any questions, please connect with Mrs. Challenger or Mrs. Kerr Boop!