Dear Chambers Hill Students & Families,

  • Welcome back to the 2023-2024 School Year at Chambers Hill Elementary School!

    I am so excited to see you all and help you all have a very successful year.  We will have monthly discussions about emotions, friendships, goal setting, conflict resolution, anger management, grief and loss, time management, internet safety, tattling vs reporting/telling, kindness, thankfulness- just to name a few things.  I will talk to some of you in small groups about grief and loss, divorce, incarceration, healthy habits, friendship issues, self-esteem, and leadership.  Most importantly, we will learn how to build each other up and become successful individuals.  I cannot wait to see what each of you grow up to become.

    I hope your summer break was truly a restful break and you are recharged and ready to learn!  See you soon!!!


    Your Chambers Hill School Counselor,


    Mrs. Katie Krupski





    Play a game with your family like Trivia or Scrabble

    Go for a 30 minute walk by yourself or with your dog

    Spend an hour reading a favorite book

    Find a family favorite recipe to make (ask permission first or help cooking)

    Practice drawing, coloring or painting

    Learn about yoga and practice a few new techniques

    Write a letter to a family member who lives in another town or state