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    I am Ms. Douglass-Devine and I am the school counselor at E.H. Phillips Elementary School. As the school counselor, I have the privilege of seeing all the students in our school. Students see me in classroom guidance each month, in small groups and individually. This will be my 14th year as the E.H. Phillips' School Counselor! 
    Classroom Guidance:  Using the elementary guidance program adopted by the school district, the counselor will teach lessons on the topics of personal/social emotions, academic and career domains. Every grade level will have classroom guidance lessons monthly on a variety of topics, including but not limited to, career exploration, self-esteem, working together, problem solving, and conflict resolution. There are also developmentally appropriate lessons on cyber safety for all grade levels. Lessons are also taught when a need within a classroom arises.
    Small Group:  There are times when students will meet with the counselor in a small group setting. Most small groups meet during their lunch times, 1-2 times a week for a few weeks. The intention of a small group setting is the allow students with similar needs to work together to enhance their skills for a variety of topics. Small group topics may include, social skills, self-control, anger management, making friends and more. Our school determines most of our small groups by using the SRSS. 
    Individual: Student may be seen individually to discuss a problem, concern or challenge they might be experiencing. Referrals can be made by parents, teachers or the students may self refer, if the need arises to speak to the counselor. Student referrals can be done, by notifying me on the white board, slipping a note under my door, or asking in person. Students will be seen as soon as possible after a referral is made.
    Important Note: Students may speak with me confidentially, but they are always encouraged to speak with parents and guardians about their feelings. There are three reasons to break confidentiality and those are:
    1) If someone talks of hurting themselves.
    2) If someone says they are going to hurt others.
    3) If someone is being harmed by someone else.
    Parents may contact me as well, if you feel the need to speak with me or if you have a concern that you feel that the school should be aware of, I can be reached by email at adouglass-devine@cdschools.org or by phone at (717) 657-3203. extension 1. 
       As a school counselor I am here to listen and support the young people of our school. Young people are the future of our world and I believe they need solid foundations and support systems. I believe these supports happen at home, at school and within the community. 

    I believe in a collaborative, team effort in supporting young people. That team includes but is not limited to:

    The Student(s)

    The School Counselor

    Parents and Guardians (or as I call them 'their people')

    School Faculty Members

    The Community

    Other Family Members

    The team is there to support the social, emotional and academic needs of the students. Students need to be able to talk about social and emotional issues that might be interfering with academic success. (This is where the school counselor comes in.) A relationship of support, trust and advocacy is built with students to provide them with a safe environment within the school, where they can work through personal matters that might be interfering with their academic success.

    Again, please feel free to contact me anytime.

    (717) 657-3203 ext.1
Last Modified on August 14, 2020